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    Ganbaru Energy
    One-Shot Water Amplifier
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    What Makes Us Different?

    Hitting the proverbial “wall” is one of the worst feelings ever! There’s laundry to do still, kids to pick up, work to finish, dinner to cook, and the list just seems to go on and on. AND…all you want to do is NAP! We’ve all been there, loaded up on caffeine, candy, and whatever other sugars rush high we can get! But besides throwing down a ton of sugar, where do we get the energy to manage the never-ending to-do list AND have enough left for whatever comes next? Does it EVER end? Well, maybe not, but our healthy energy shots may be just what you’re looking for! Ganbaru Energy is unique from other energy drinks because we use the body’s natural energy production systems. It’s a caffeine-free energy boost!

    Whether you use Ganbaru as a workout energy booster, take pre-workout shots, or just make it on the other side of lunchtime, our energy drink packets will leave you with a feeling of that extra pep in your step. Best of all, there is ZERO SUGAR, so you don’t worry about jitters or the inevitable crash that comes with other energy drink shots.
    Clinically proven to improve stamina and fight fatigue, Ganbaru Energy helps keep you focused, ready, and pumped to take on or finish your day strong!

    What makes our energy drink powder mix different? CarnoSyn®- Clinically proven to improve endurance and delay fatigue. PeakATP®- Has shown to reduce muscular fatigue and improve lean body mass. Nitrosigine® - Improves cognitive function and focus in just 15 minutes. elevATP® - Improves endogenous ATP (the core energy source of the body). S7® - Clinically proven to stimulate endogenous Nitric Oxide production by up to 230% in the human body.

    These are just a few reasons why we encourage you to try our unique flavors like Tiger’s Blood and Lemon. Don’t take our word for it; hear it from some of our wonderful customers!

    the better-than-plain-water option

    0g Sugar

    No cane sugar, corn syrup, or sugar alcohols.

    Energy Boosting

    Formulated to enhance your body's natural energy production.


    Packed into single serving sticks that you can throw in your purse, pocket, or vehicle.

    Fast Acting

    You'll feel a difference in as little as 15mins.

    Focus Boost

    A potent nootropic effect that sharpens your mind and focus.

    Amazing Flavor

    Formulated so you can get the most from your water AND it tastes delicious.

    How to Use


    Add to 16-24oz of water to Find
    Your Sweet Spot. 


    Add a stick to your water
    and mix thoroughly.


    Enjoy your water and reap
    the benefits of a non-stimulant, natural energy.

    Customer Reviews

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Absolutely! In fact to get the full benefit of the product we recommend you take it daily for a minimum of 28 days. If you're looking for an even bigger performance boost you can even take up to two servings daily. But we don't recommend taking more than that as the research doesn't really support any additional benefit.

    Yes. We actually recommend it. Just take it approximately 30 minutes prior to your workout for the best results.

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