How Does MixSupps Fit Your Lifestyle

How Does MixSupps Fit Your Lifestyle

At MixSupps, we pride ourselves on having a complete product line that virtually everyone can use to help aid their health and wellness goals. Want more energy? Focus? Endurance? We’ve got you covered with Ganbaru. Want better hydration? A strong immune system? We’ve got you covered with One-Shot Water Amplifier. Want better gut health? Better sleep? We’ve got you covered with Little Sh!ts. 

MixSupps is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a healthier way to get their daily hydration boost while still fitting into their busy lifestyle. We’re also excited to have products available to address these issues using clinically studied ingredients at clinically studied doses that actually produce results.

Are you looking for a vegan energy drink? Sugar-free energy drink? Constipation relief drink? The best 3-in-1 hydration supplement on the market? Here are some frequently asked questions about MixSupps ingredients, lifestyles, and dietary needs. Our goal is to help you choose the best supplement for your unique needs despite diet and nutrition being highly personal

Is MixSupps vegan-friendly? 

Yes! Whether you’re looking for a vegan energy drink, vegan constipation relief drink, or the best hydration supplement that's vegan-friendly, MixSupps has your back. If you’re someone that follows a vegan lifestyle, finding supplements that don’t contain animal-derived ingredients is tough. Those types of ingredients are cheap and easier to get which is why lots of companies will use them. Not MixSupps though. Our entire product line uses plant-based ingredients as well as naturally sourced mineral extracts. So if you’re a vegan, you can feel confident in adding MixSupps' entire line of products to your daily supplement routine. 

Is MixSupps sugar-free?

Absolutely! For your overall health, keeping away from products with added sugar is a plus to help your body stabilize blood sugar levels to maintain lean body mass and keep body fat storage low. When it comes to energy drinks, most products available contain sugar. A lot of sugar. As far as sugar free energy drinks, they often contain a very

high amount of caffeine which can contribute to adrenal fatigue. Ganbaru is a sugar-free energy drink that has multiple benefits in addition to being a non-stim option, making it a healthier, safer option to consume daily. 

With respect to the hydration supplements on the market, some of the more popular lines contain added sugar with the claim that sugar aids in hydration. Scientifically this is true, but the amount of difference is so small for the average person in the US that it's a better choice to use sugar-free hydration drinks. One-Shot Water Amplifier provides you with hydration, immunity, and fiber, making it the best hydration supplement on the market. 

Lastly, flavored fiber/gut health drinks often contain sugar to mask the bad taste of the ingredients used in their products. Little Sh!ts is a constipation relief drink that’s sugar-free and tastes so good that even kids love it! 

Is MixSupps safe for children? 

Absolutely! Little Sh!ts was specifically formulated for children, addressing the issues of both constipation and lack of fiber consumption in the diet. Most children hate eating anything that’s healthy and doesn’t drink enough water throughout the day which is why constipation issues are often experienced. The hard part was creating a product that actually tastes good and that kids would look forward to. With the best blend of fiber and magnesium plus the perfect amount of flavor and sweetness, Little Sh!ts has grown to be a popular constipation relief drink for both kids and adults. 

As mentioned above, another issue with kids is not drinking enough water daily, causing dehydration. Furthermore, children don’t go outside as much as we or our parents did as kids. Some sun exposure daily is actually beneficial for vitamin D production in the body, and vitamin D has a lot of benefits especially when it comes to a healthy immune system. One-Shot Water Amplifier is the best hydration supplement that both tastes great and provides kids with hydration and vitamin D. Each stick contains 5000IUs of vitamin D, so for kids, split up the drink over 2-3 days since vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. 

Lastly, when it comes to energy, Ganbaru is the best sugar-free energy drink you can use since it’s a non-stim option and also gives you excellent focus and endurance. Children have plenty of energy though, so we wouldn’t suggest giving it to them. When it comes to young adults and even older teens in high school, Ganbaru is a safe option for them to use for both academics as well as athletics compared to normal energy and pre-workout products on the market.

Is MixSupps clinically tested? 

Our ingredients sure are! This is a rarity in the supplement industry since most companies care more about their profits rather than the actual benefits of their products. For that reason, they’ll use cheap, untested ingredients, and underdose them to save money and gain more profits. The entire line of MixSupps products uses clinically studied ingredients, meaning they’re actually proven to work. All of those ingredients are in their proper doses based on the clinical studies, meaning that they’re in the correct amounts to actually work. Lastly, the ingredients are 3rd party tested, meaning that each product contains clean quality ingredients in the amounts stated on the packaging for both safety and verification. For all of those reasons, you can feel confident in both the safety and efficacy of the entire MixSupps product line. 

How long does MixSupps energy last? 

Compared to stimulant-based energy products, MixSupps’ Ganbaru can outclass all of them on how long the energy lasts. Caffeine has been shown to start wearing off in about an hour, and then the dreaded caffeine crash happens which makes you feel tired. Ganbaru for overall energy works for much longer than an hour. Personally, for me, it works for 4-6 hours which I feel is perfect for my schedule. As far as focus it works extremely well, helping me complete tasks and stay on task. And the best part, no energy drink crash and it’s 100% safe to consume daily. It’s honestly something you need to experience for yourself! 

If you have more questions about MixSupps’ ingredients, please let us know. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that anything important to you is also important to us! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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