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The Protein You've 'Bean' Waiting For

Vegan Protein

Vegan Protein

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How to use

  • Mix 1 heaping scoop of MixSupp's Vegan Protein with 8-10oz of your favorite liquid.
  • Shake vigorously or use a frother to mix completely.
  • Chill if desired or blend with ice for a delicious smoothie.
  • OR use in your favorite recipes!
  • Enjoy!

MixSupps Vegan Protein is a natural, clean, plant based formula that supports your body's metabolism, muscle mass, and bone health. This delicious formula provides a unique and varied amino acid and nutrient profile to support a healthy diet. So you can always be at your best!

With 25 servings in each pouch, it's less than $2/serving for the best tasting, plant based protein supplement on the planet. Use it pre or post workout or even as part of a healthy meal in your favorite recipes!

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Let’s start with the facts

When it comes right down to it, most of us aren't getting enough protein in our diets. Finding quality, delicious vegan protein used to be a chore but it doesn't have to be anymore. Enter MixSupps Vegan Protein. A unique blend of plant based proteins designed to help you get the most out of your supplement.

Using a blend of proteins ensures: better flavor and texture, an improved amino acid profile (especially when compared to pea protein alone), better sustainability for the planet, better nutrient variation, and better digestibility.

Maximize Your Protein

Faster, Cleaner Absorption

No more dreaded protein farts. Just clean, easy to digest protein.

Delicious Flavor

Tasty flavors that even the pickiest eaters will love.

Boosts Gut Health

Supports a healthier gut with digestion-resistant fiber and AstraGin.

Natural Ingredients

Gentle, safe, and effective ingredients without harsh chemicals and their side effects.

0g Sugar

No cane sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or sugar alcohols – a healthier choice.

Easy to Use

Simply mix with water or your favorite liquid and enjoy.

  • Mung Bean Protein

    Sustainable, and easy to digest. Mung beans have been a staple protein around the world for hundreds of years.
  • Fava Bean Protein

    Grown for over 10,000 years these powerful, sustainable beans give a powerful nutrient packed punch.
  • Peanut Protein

    A great way to introduce healthy fats, protein, and sateity to your every day diet.(ALLERGEN WARNING)
  • AstraGin®

    Amazing, plant-based extract that helps you to absorb and digest protein even better.
  • Sweetener Blend

    A guilt-free blend of stevia and monkfruit, combined with our natural flavors makes this a no-brainer.

Mung Bean Protein

Mung bean protein is a fantastic plant-based option packed with essential amino acids, ideal for muscle support and growth. It's gentle on digestion and allergy-friendly, making it perfect for various dietary needs. With low fat and carbs, it's an excellent choice for weight management. Making our protein a healthier, more sustainable protein source that's good for you and the planet.

Fava Bean Protein

A powerhouse from nature, fava beans are packed with essential amino acids, making them perfect for muscle strength and growth. These are also gentle on digestion and allergy-friendly, making them suitable for all diets. Fava beans also help to heal the soil they're grown in meaning by choosing fava bean protein, we're contributing to a greener, more sustainable world.

Peanut Protein

While they are packed with protein, peanuts are also loaded with a variety of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that are good for your heart and help you to feel full and satisfied longer. Plus, they're delicious, so you can enjoy our protein in shakes, snacks, or meals, making it easy to include in your diet.

(Allergen Warning: Peanuts)


AstraGin, when added to a protein supplement, can offer several potential benefits. It may improve the way your body absorbs and uses the protein and other nutrients. Which means you're getting more out of the protein, helping your muscles grow and recover better and faster. It also assists your body in absorbing other important nutrients like vitamins and amino acids making our protein a cut above the rest.

Natural Sweetener Blend

Using a guilt-free, proprietary blend of Stevia leaf extract and Monkfruit extract to sweeten our protein allows us to keep our amazing flavors intact and have a healthy, sugar free alternative. No artificial sweeteners here!

How to Use MixSupps Vegan Protein

Grab your favorite liquid (or it also tastes great in just water).

Mix 1 heaping scoop with 8-10oz.

Shake vigorously or use a frother to mix thoroughly.

Chill if desired or blend with ice.

OR use it as a protein booster in your favorite cooking recipes.


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More Information

Frequently asked questions

Can I cook with MixSupps Vegan Protein?

Absolutely! In fact we recommend it! It makes an amazing base for protein pancakes, cookie bites, smoothies, breads, or whatever else your favorite recipes are that you want to add a little protein boost!

Can I use MixSupps Vegan Protein as a meal replacement?

As amazing as our protein is, we don't recommend using is as a stand alone meal replacement, it can definitely fit in as part of one, just not by itself.

What ingredients are used in MixSupps products?

MixSupps uses the best, clinically studied ingredients mixed with delicious, ZERO SUGAR flavors to make your water as enjoyable & effective as possible.

Are MixSupps products suitable for vegetarians/vegans?

Yes, all MixSupps products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We carefully screen each supplier to ensure they comply with the highest quality standards.

Are MixSupps products tested for purity and quality?

Yes! Each batch of MixSupps products are tested by a 3rd party lab for purity and quality.

Why MixSupps Vegan Protein? Let's Compare.

MixSupps Vegan Protein stands a cut above the competition, and you'll see why it's the clear choice for a healthier, more sustainable protein.

MixSupps Vegan Protein

  • Complete Amino Acids: Our blend provides all essential amino acids for muscle growth.
  • Enhanced Absorption: AstraGin® improves nutrient uptake, maximizing benefits.
  • Healthy Fats and Nutrients: Peanut protein adds heart-healthy fats and nutrients.
  • Versatility and Taste: Enjoyable flavor and diverse culinary applications.
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly, supporting a greener world.

Other vegan proteins

  • Incomplete Amino Acids: Some lack essential amino acids.
  • Standard Absorption: May not offer enhanced nutrient uptake.
  • Limited Fats: May lack heart-healthy fats.
  • Varied Taste and Texture: Flavors and textures can be less appealing.
  • Environmental Variability: Sustainability practices may vary.