5 Ways to Get Energized for Your Daily Workouts AND Busy Life

5 Ways to Get Energized for Your Daily Workouts AND Busy Life

Let’s face it, our days can be hectic and demanding, and we need a stress release in whichever way we can. Whether that’s through a great workout, run, or even a nice long massage, it’s imperative that we bring our minds and bodies back into balance.  

But where do we get the energy to manage our day with kids, work, grocery shopping, cleaning, and the never-ending to-do list AND have enough left for exercise?

There can be many reasons why we are hitting a proverbial wall. Returning to school, the fall, and the pending holiday season exacerbates our depleting energy levels. We need to reserve all the extra energy we can muster during these times. With a few helpful tips, you can stay energized for the rest of your workout and with plenty to spare to take on the rest of your busy day.

Mind and Motivation

There’s a lot of truth in the adage, “Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body does.”  I mean, we’ve all quit our jobs at least one or a hundred times in our minds before, right? 

Sometimes we feel defeated before getting out of bed in the morning. The alarm sounds, and we think, “Do I REALLY need this job?” “Do the kids REALLY have to be on time to school today?” “I’ll skip the morning workout and make up for it another day.” A million other excuses like, “I am too tired, it’s too cold outside, I’ll work out tomorrow,” are self-defeating talk. Yet our bodies can always push a little further than our minds think we can.

The secret is to train your mind and thoughts to work FOR you, not AGAINST you.

Use self-motivating praise phrases like “I am doing this to be healthier and happier; I feel much better after I work out.” 

Set some smaller goals and keep it simple! Things like committing to a quick 30-minute walk on those days where you just feel like you can’t do anything keep you in the mind frame of just “doing.” You’d be surprised at what you can accomplish if you just start.

Here are some more motivation hacks to get you started and help to keep that fire burning!

mental health

Change it Up!

Another way to energize your body and get excited about your workout routine might be simply changing it!

Here are a few simple things you can do:

  • Change up your workout time- If you usually work out at the end of the day, see what it would feel like to hop out of bed first thing in the morning, energizing you to start your day. Or maybe going for a run on your lunch break helps to eliminate that afternoon slump.
  • Change up your routine - Keep it different and fun! Take a HIIT class or try a new sport like water aerobics.
  •  Instead of driving to the gym every day, check out some new workout routines on YouTube.  You can find everything from yoga to pilates and more.
  • Find an exercise buddy to keep each other on track. Accountability partners are important and can help you stay focused instead of tracking the time.
  • Make a new playlist. Listen to up-tempo songs, and try a new genre or artist.
  • Buy new workout clothes. When we look good, we feel good. Case closed.
  • Go outside- hiking in the woods, running by a lake, or try doing yoga in the park!

Exercising can be an act of self-care, and when you embrace it, you flip the switch! But before you begin, ensure that you warm up correctly with stretching and getting and stay hydrated throughout the workout. 


Power up!

“But, I don’t have the energy to do all that? I barely have enough to do the basics.” Is that what you’re thinking? We know, so let’s digress a minute because we’ve got a solution for that. Most of us are constantly looking for ways to increase stamina and would like to avoid feeling like a zombie just going through the motions. Needing the energy to go about your day is one of the reasons that some people avoid exercising daily. We all feel the fatigue of daily routines and improving your overall energy is something that we all desire.

Most importantly, finding healthier ways to accomplish all that the day throws at you while avoiding the proverbial “wall” after lunchtime feels like a tall task, right? 

We have something better (and healthier) for you that is clinically proven to be more effective. Getting through a tough workout is hard enough. 

We know it can be hard to resist that urge to grab yet another cup of coffee. At MixSupps, our products are designed to help you achieve all these goals and feel your best! Our zero sugar, non-stimulant, all-natural Ganbaru Energy energy shots is what you need. Ganbaru uses our body's natural energy stimulants to avoid crashes and jitters in other energy mixes. It’s a caffeine-free energy boost.

It’s easy too. Just mix one packet with 16 to 24 ounces of chilled water and enjoy! 

It’s easy, made with all-natural ingredients and vitamins, and tastes great! Your body will love you for it, and your energy will soar!

non-stimulant energy drinkBenefits of Hydration

Did you know water is the most overlooked nutritional aspect for athletes? According to The National Athletic Trainers Association, you need to drink before, during, and after your workout to maintain a healthy level of hydration. 

The average person should generally drink about half their body weight in water daily and even more when working out. Afternoon fatigue can be caused by not drinking enough water.

Staying hydrated helps to replace the water we lose through sweating, fights fatigue, and keeps our bodies from overheating.

Hydration helps your muscles to perform at their best while helping to avoid muscle cramps and maximizes your physical performance overall.

And if you ARE drinking enough water throughout the day, you may feel more energized to work out and push through the day! However, simply drinking water isn’t enough. You need to replenish your electrolytes lost through dehydration and depleted salt levels. So how do we replace electrolytes, and what should we drink? MixSupps One-Shot Water Amplifier has the proper amount of electrolytes to help replenish what you’ve poured out during a workout. The sugar-free electrolyte powder is an easy go to after a grueling workout, make sure you re-up those electrolytes. More on that in our next blog post, for sure.

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You are what you eat, Is what they say. 

Should you eat before or after a workout? There isn’t a simple answer to this question; it can be based on individual preference and a few things to consider, like whether you are intermittent fasting or doing fasted cardio and your goals.

How strenuous of a workout are you planning to do?  

Do you enjoy working out first thing in the morning or at the end of your day?

The answers to these questions can help you decide which works best for you.

The general rule of thumb depends on your goals; whether you want to lose weight, increase your strength, or active recovery days can determine what you eat and when you eat.

For example, a quick 30-minute workout may focus on hydration. At the same time, longer workouts would benefit from a light snack consisting of fiber, healthy carbohydrates, and protein about 30 to 60 minutes beforehand.

For some pre-workout snack ideas, check out 25 Pre-Workout Snacks.

Remember to always LISTEN  to your body and make safe and healthy choices!

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Let us know some of your favorite ways to stay energized throughout your day and motivated to keep living your best life! Follow us on our social media pages for more tips, giveaways, discounts, and more!

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